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Nanolab Voucher 2013 award for ISZGRO
Iszgro Diodes, a Dimes start-up, received one of the NanoLab Voucher 2013 awards. It entitles them to 50-75 hours use of our partner NanoLab Delft facilities.
Iszgro Diodes BV specializes in the integration of microfabrication technologies together with high performance active devices (photodiodes, temperature sensors, etc).
For more information please contact:
dr.ir. Theodoros Zoumpoulidis.

Eurosensors Fellow Award
Fredrik Creemer (ECTM) received the Eurosensors Fellow Award at the Transducers conference.
According to the chair:
“The Eurosensors Fellow Award is a great achievement and honor in succession of excellent and renowned European sensor experts. We look forward to your plenary talk at The Eurosensors XVIII in Brescia in 2014.” See also this.

About Dimes TC

Dimes Technology Centre and its staff aim to provide micro fabrication capabilities that:
a) facilitate excellence in (sub)micro-fabrication oriented Research& Science

b) enable our customers to test out concepts that may lead to business successes, up to and including small scale production

c) build a bridge between Academics and Industrial Innovation 


Application & Processing Demos

Electron Detectors
Organ on a chip
Sensor on a chip
Smart LED packages
Single grain TFT’s
Flexible electronics
Optical Microspectrometers

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Lab User meeting 2014
February 25: Nicolas Gaio
Integration of CNT coating in a ‘polymer-last approach’ Multi Electrode Array (MEA)

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