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Formerly known as Dimes Technology Center

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Renewed Dimes Technology Centre becomes ‘Else Kooi Laboratory’
Dimes Technology Centre, the microfabrication laboratory of the TU Delft, will from now on be called ‘Else Kooi Lab’.
The new organisation will focus on facilitating excellent reasearch. Also it will gap the bridge between research and industry by contibuting to industrial innovation.

Originating from the internationally leading Dimes Institute for Microsystems and Nanoelectronics, that was founded in 1987, the Else Kooi Laboratory has ample experience in facilitating innovative scientific research, that uses (sub)micron micro-fabrication techniques. The facilities, the processes and the expertise makes this laboratory very well equipped for micro-fabrication, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and for working with flexible substrates.
The Else Kooi Laboratory contributes also to the translation from innovative concepts to products with market potential:
in the area of healthcare: minimal invasive medical technology, 'organ-on-chips', in the area of energy: solar cells and in the chemical area: nano-reactors for catalyst research and nano-electroscopy.

As part of the TU Delft the Else Kooi Laboratory will pay much attention to education. Interested students and PhD's'are offered courses and training modules where they can gain hands-on experience in a cleanroom. These courses are also available for external parties from other universities or companies over the whole world. These courses are quite popular given the fact that we now will have a large group of students from the Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS) in Vietnam.

The laboratory is named after Else Kooi (1932-2001), a dutch chemist, who was pre-eminently a person that bridged the gap between scientific research in silicon technolgy and industrial innovation. While working at the (dutch) Philips Research Laboratory he developed the LOCal Oxydation of Silicon (LOCOS) technology that is applied in semiconductor processing all over the world. From 1979 till his retirement he worked at the Philips Research Laboratories Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley. After his retirement he was consulting professor at the Center for Integrated Systems at Stanford University and he advised semiconductor companies in the field of innovation and patents. In 2000 Else Kooi received a honorary doctorate at the TU Delft.

About EKL

The Else Kooi Laboratory and its staff aim to provide micro fabrication capabilities that:
a) facilitate excellence in (sub)micro-fabrication oriented Research& Science

b) enable our customers to test out concepts that may lead to business successes, up to and including small scale production

c) build a bridge between Academics and Industrial Innovation 


Application & Processing Demos

Electron Detectors
Organ on a chip
Sensor on a chip
Smart LED packages
Single grain TFT’s
Flexible electronics
Optical Microspectrometers

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